Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For priyanka :]

Pri i have made this.
Is this fine or not?
:P sry i have written [Head writer] bcoz no one is posting anything expect me and maria. so... i have made this :P
Hope u like this ^_^

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  1. hi sorry 2 interfair bt as a co owner i need 2 tll u if its ok or nt
    1st priya di is busy n is nt having any time so i will be telling u whats wrong in ur banner
    well all is okay...........
    bt remove d head writer sign u ll ve 2 ask priya di b4 u cn add any odr title 2 ur name ...........
    n cus we dont ve many writers dres no head writer ryt nw bt ill tlk abt dis wid priya di n ask her if its okk if she says shes win wid it den im also okay wid it...................