Wednesday, October 6, 2010


i got this in the opera mystery gift box and i even have some news about opera mystery ;)
Opera Mystery October Giveaway
Stardoll is getting into the Spirit of Halloween with an Eerie October!

Find the Keys and Save the Venetian Opera House from the Clutches of the Phantom in time for the Masquerade Ball! Follow the Clues and Uncover a mystery unraveling in your Suite!

okay this was some part i copied and pasted if u wnna read more go to this link =
n rmmbr
stardoll is giving gifts everyday so dont forget to log in everyday in the month of october if u miss once you are not getting it again so just log in once and take a bit time and open the box its THAT EASY ;) N QUICK 2 ;)
xxx lv u

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