Friday, October 1, 2010


i know the reason y super_girl is so famous on stardoll she has been used in a video of stardoll... if ur logged in 2 stardoll then go to this link n watch the video
well i have a photograph of super_girl n a photograph of the video 2 wre super_girl has been used..
most people think shes a stardoll employee i also thought that but its not like that .................but some people say shes the creator of stardoll but no she isnt if u read my topic the stardolls history then u can know who created stardoll but i absolutely sure it isnt super_girl . but do u think stardoll does have some relation with us cus stardoll wont use any member just like that for there official ss video but may be ............ I DONT KNOW ......... :|n yeh sorry abt d video pic it isnt very clear

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