Friday, November 5, 2010


bullying is something that happens most among the kids in school they get bullied about there skincolour relegion there different style etc what joy do people get by bullying? many people have been the victim of bullying it affects the life of the people it helds children towards depression children even try to commit suicide which is a serious matter bullied children live with fear n keep blaming themselves children are unable to enjoy there life and can not concentrate on there studies and are always scared to do anything there educational progress stops they stop participating in other activities not only children but even elders are scared of getting bullied 2777 people commit suicide in a day cus of getting bullied why bully someone whos different whats wrong in being different people feel mental pain after getting bullied and feel as there life has stopped its easy to laugh on people but when this happens with u u will understand the pain

(i wrote this by myself i hope u guys also think as i do) xxx

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