Friday, November 12, 2010


Date of Birth
3 May 1975, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Birth Name
Christina Rene Hendricks

5' 7½" (1.71 m)

Geoffrey Arend(11 October 2009 - present)

Trade Mark

Red hair

Known for playing intelligent dominating Women


Her character in the TV series "Firefly" (2002) never gave her real name. The three aliases the character used, Yolanda, Saffron, and Bridget, were contracted into the nickname "Yo-Saf-Bridge" in the episode "Trash".

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, but raised in Twin Falls, Idaho since the age of three.

Although known as a redhead, Hendricks is a natural blonde having dyed her hair since she was 10 years old.

In 1989, her family moved to Fairfax, Virginia, where she appeared in several high school plays and local community theatre.

She was a teen model.

Engaged to Geoffrey Arend [January 2009].

Always loved redheads like "Ginger" from "Gilligan's Island" (1964).

Dyed her hair because of "Anne of Green Gables".



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