Thursday, November 11, 2010

hotbuys big poncho + new club

hey sorry guys i didnt post about the hotbuys big poncho cus i had been really busy sorry for not posting a lot this week cus recently i was running for national covergirl & was helping people to be national covergirl so i cudnt post a lot so before i say anything about TheHotbuysBigPoncho i want to tell u something about the club we recently started it was the idea of Priayankastar (our blog owner) the name of the club is NATIONALCGINDIA and yeh some
can anyone of any country join the club?
Yes,anyone of any country can join the club but with our permission only
what is this club about?
in this club we help everyone to be national covergirl
can i be the manager?
im very sorry to announce but NO. the idea of the club was giving by Priyankastar so only priyankastar,lakhu,dolly0 & dimpledall will be the managers
If it was the idea of Priyankastar then why did u start the club
Well,cus im a superstar i was the only one who had space for a 3rd club so Priyankastar made it in my account
lakhu is a superstar too then why didnt u create the club in her account?
as u guys know that im stardoll sister Priyankastar so we are very close to each other so she created it in my account instead of Lakhu's account

sorry to say i havent got the real life version if u guys are having it please write the link in the comments
(credit will be given to u)
so my rating for the hotbuys poncho is 9/10
its pretty good i like it and it goes amazingly with checks as u can see in the pictures
that i have used a nice check trouser and both of them looks really nice together and yeh im not very sure about the shoes but some brown boots could do the trick ;)
its 15 sd and ss of course and to tell u it really looks country style :)i like it :) nice :)
lv u

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