Sunday, December 26, 2010

12th day dress

haw :O time flies so fast :[ today is the last day of the campaign :[ the dress looks really pretty and this is the only dress i wanna have but stardoll made it miserable this dress is only for royalty members :[ awwie... :[ they will get this dress in their suite
but we can buy it in starbazzar later hope there is a fool who sells it for less stardollars :S :P but royalty members arent FOOLS :[ hmm..... :[ lets c what happens ;[ why cant just royalty members and superstars be same we are same we are also spending our money then whats the difference
there should be a club for the superstars of stardoll 2 isnt it :S yes there should be i mean like stardoll has just made this dress for royalty and tomorrow there will be a shop from which only royalty members can buy :[ god we have 2 STOP!! stardoll from doing this :S
if this happens then stardoll be 1 of the unfair communities of the internet :s and i so dont want it to happen :[

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