Wednesday, December 29, 2010


this one is my signature stardoll look
i love experimenting with new stuff
but this look never changes
its my fav look which i prefer to keep matt
and yes...i know it has nothing 2 do with
christmas or new year
but i love posting makeup looks
and so i decided to post this 1
im looking for more fun
christmas and new year looks
so can u suggest something
tell us what u want to see here on the blog
and what u like about the blog :)
theres nothing much 2 post now a days
no gossip no glitches no spoilers :{
so i love experimenting and creating new looks
which is a good thing too :D
so tell me which looks u wanna see here and ill post them too :)
and the username of the suggester will be there :)
and what do u think about this look
and remember when u create this look
make sure everything is matt
and ur face is flawless :) u can use some freckles if u want
and feel free 2 accessories the more u accessories the more good it looks
cuz u dont need a lot of makeup for this look but lot of gothic accessories :)
so i hope u enjoyed this look
ill be creating more looks so stay tuned
and always be stylish

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