Monday, December 20, 2010

new sunny bunny is here :D

:D good work me :P lol ;) as i guessed the new sunny bunny will be here & its here its the most cuddliest and cutiest collection ever ;) still there are some glitches hope stardoll takes the decision to fix it :P oh stardoll is always so excited to take our money frm our cutie piggy banks :\ :p lol JUS JOKIN ;) hahaahahahaha :D well guys u shud upgrade for more stardollars ;] as soon as possible :P:D and....i guessed that SB was coming cus of the spoilers which i didnt post :S sry and sry for yesterday :\ god :[ i didnt even post the 5th day outfit :[ thought that someone else would have posted it but no our writers are damn lazy so now jus lets stop blaming the writers and start partying i mean lol sorry posting :P i know i u know like blabber a LOT :P but its just cuz of u guys i love talking to u all so much AWW.......HUGS :* :D Okay so lets get back 2 the point ;) and lol im being emotional lol again A LOL MOMENT ;]
SO,funny talks over and lets talk abt serious
LOL OH COMMON HAHAHAHAHAAHAH :P stardoll itself is the most funniest site ever ;] Okay so back 2 the sunny bunny topic we were talking about we were talking about sunny bunny righT? sry i blabber SO MUCH :P LOL
Okay,so im gonna talk about the items that i like in sunny bunny store of course of the new sunny bunny collection
:P well my sunny bunny shopping list stretches to 59sd lol not bad ;) hahahahahahahahhaha :P Okay hope to take them all today BUT after the glitches are all done and set :P
SO,tll me some of ur favs i always love to hear from u all :D :)
actually the truth is when i saw the spoilers i wasnt very impressed lol cuz i didnt see those nicely ;] lol u knw im too lazy :[ and thats actually not the reason i have been sick since a lot of days :\ so im not posting on the blog SHALL WE GET BACK TO SUNNY BUNNY POINT LOL :P yea so i was saying that the colour of some BOWS were kinda lame when i saw them in spoilers but it looks perfect here stardoll staff has worked gr8 on the graphics ;] once again HATS OF TO STARDOLL STAFF ;]
we love u ;] :P so i guess i should stop it right here now :P we had a LONG LONG LONG....... TALK :P SO BYE GUYS :D AND LV U ALL
and once again :S sorry for the horrible picture quality :P i have a quality to apologise :P

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