Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sry and 90 million BOOOOOO!!

okay this is what made me angry and pulled me here to post about it.
first of all sry for not posting....
and now....
90 million members and we didnt get anything
all we got is a big shock
the stardoll staff did disappoint us a lot with these items
price range starting from 3 to 18
the things arent special they look lyk simple clothes...
my fav is the kitty cat clock..
but im not going 2 buy it
cuz 12sd for a point.......
thats a big NO!!!!!!!!
abt the items all good stuff is ss and is quite expensive...
we always get something free..
or...some cute stuff...but currently its not like that :\
we are soon gonna reach 100 million and hope stardoll is not gonna disappoint us like this again..
and this week if u spent upto 90sd u will get ur 50% back
but i dont trust stardoll on this one too bad...
cuz they said the same about quite a lot of occasions....
but most of the time it happens that they dont give the money back.
or forget to give it..
so im totally not gonna risk my money....
:) ill post more later bye guyz

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