Friday, February 25, 2011

The march hot boys
Stardoll just released the HB's for March! I like the vest-I'm not sure if I'd buy it, but I have a similar one in RL and it's gorge Anything you'll be saving your Stardollars for?

Rio HB Vest-March 1st
Rio HB Shoes-March 3rd
Fudge HB Feather Brooch-March 5th (or, as Stardoll spelt it, Maarch)
Fudge HB Dress-March 8th
Evil Panda HB Star Tie-March 11th
PIP HB Blouse-March 15th
Fudge HB Bag-March 18th
Fallen Angel HB Stud Dress-March 20th
Fudge HB Sweater-March 22nd
Evil Panda HB Flash Skirt-March 29th

Topshop Feather Brooch
(It's actually a ring in RL!)
Paul Smith shirtdress and tie
Miu Miu Top

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