Friday, December 10, 2010

good news or bad news?

hmm......what do u think its bad or good its good for me cus the miss stardoll world winner will be announced next week ;) Yay! :) and my bff mikakika2 is 1 of the finalist thanks to everyone who voted for her and yea the famous blog owner one and only filipinhamaria is a finalist 2 ;) :D
so who u think will win :) well i think its bad news 2 cus we have to wait till next week to know whos the winner
OMG! :S im getting curious :S
okay...... :| so,u must be thinking from were i got this news well i got it in my mail box :) (email)
:D stardoll has also told us about the new and amazing epiphany store and yea the new winter dot collection :) (in our email id)

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