Friday, December 10, 2010

new dot

so what do u think about there new collection not a lot new stuff has been added. but they are good....and im still not very sure about if i buying them or not.....the look good on the models in the pic but those are pics lol :P right now i got lack of stardollars and this is horrible its holiday time and im having LACK of stardollars when i should have A LOT......yea i would ....and i even tried but whats the bad stuff stardoll took money from my mobile and didnt send the code i complained about it....they said me to provide my mobile no so i gave but then they changed the topic and started talking about holiday pass i was like WHAT THE HELL is this so i complained about it again and said them not to change the topic cus stardoll is becoming really irritating now :\and this is the 2nd time it has happened :\the first time it happened with me i complained about this and they just said sorry for the inconvenience and i didnt bother to write to them again thinking this wont happen next time but this is toooo MUCH now and its getting on my NERVES....... :\

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